Liquid Detergent Concentrate

Formulating a detergent is a bit of an art. Based on our experience and expertise, our products are 100% Natural, Bio-Degradable and Neutral in PH.

After a continuous research and development over a long period of time, we introduce in the market a unique liquid detergent technology called “SUSH-L”. It’s a readymade blend of Liquid Detergent Concentrate for complete cleaning, stain removing, scouring and care for various fabrics like cotton, polyester, rayon, woollen, acrylic, linen and nylon.

SUSH-L, to which you can give your “OWN BRAND NAME”, eliminates the concern for raw material, quality, compatibility & stability. It comforts manufacturing of Laundry Detergent.

Features of SUSH-L

  • Easy way of manufacturing by just repacking in smaller packings
  • A crystal clear liquid
  • Less wastage of water as it acts even in low dose of water
  • Wonderful whitening effect and bright colour maintenance
  • Secure new-looking and soft garments for a long time
  • Phosphorous and fluorescent-free
  • Prevents soil and dirt from depositing onto the fabric
  • Free from animal fats
  • The drains of washing are environmental friendly
  • Bigger logistics cost savings as it is in concentrate form.

SUSH-L Ingredients

  • No ACIDS like Labsa, hydrochloric acid
  • No ALKALIES like Caustic, Soda and Silicate
  • No SALTS like Sodium chloride, Sodium sulphate
  • No MINERALS like china clay, soap stone, dolomite


Uncompromised cleaning
At first, we shall discuss your requirements, design as per your needs and deliver the best concentrated products which strive for excellent cleaning enhancing fabric life while reducing environmental impact.

Free of any toxic ingredients
Over 95% of laundry detergent comprises of LABSA, CAUSTIC, SODA and SALT as a main component. These ingredients are classified as very toxic to aquatic organisms and are labelled with a dead tree or a dead fish.


There is a total commitment on our part to uphold exceptional standards of quality as well as to provide cost-effective control solutions. Also giving specialized technical support service to detergent manufacturing industries.