Detergent Foam Boosters

When natural fat or oil is treated with alkali such as caustic soda, Soap and glycerin are produced. The soap molecule is generally represented as RCOONa

Other important cleansing agents are synthetic detergents. These are sodium salts of long chain sulphonic acids and are generally represented as RSO3Na. Synthetic detergents are more preffered in the case of hard water also because the calcium and magnesium salts of synthetic detergents are slightly soluble in water. Detergents are more soluble than oil soaps and hence give more lather than oil soaps.

Cleaning Capacity of Oil Soap with Hard and Soft Water

The cleaning action of oil soap is very effective in soft water because it contains negligible calcium and magnesium ions. Soap lathers better in soft water and is “scum free”

Oil Soaps are sodium or potassium salts of long chain fatty acids Hardness of water is due to the presence of sulphates, chlorides or bicarbonate salts of Ca2+ or Mg2+ ions.. When oil soap or detergent is added to hard water, the Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions present in hard water react with oil soap or detergent. The sodium salts present in soaps are converted to their corresponding calcium and magnesium salts which are precipitated as “scum”. The insoluble scum sticks on the clothes and so the cleaning capacity of soap is reduced.

Though, it’s nearly impossible to remove hardness of hard water by adding any number of sequestering agents or addition of alkalies, but Level-ON is a product which makes oil soap and detergents soluble more in hard water.

Features of LEVEL ON

  • ECO friendly & bio degradable
  • Dosage in one Batch is approx 0.2% (200gms in 100kgs)
  • Stable in both highly Acidic 2 PH and strong basic alkaline concentration 14 PH
  • Stable up to 200C temperature
  • Stable in Sunlight
  • Non irritant to skin
  • Increases the solubility of oil soap and detergent in hard water
  • Increases lather to a marginal amount as hard metals present stops lather forming
  • Its solubalising action is instant within few seconds.
  • It uniforms the oil soap and detergent in water