Detergent Cleaning Enzymes

Laundry detergent whether, granular solid, powdered or liquid, works well to eliminate unpleasant fabric problems. It is a very versatile and dependable product to household.

Seeing fabric stains are annoying!! Since you feel as if the product you "trusted" to clean your stuff is not satisfactory to clear the stains. Don't fret about this too much, though. There are several easy solutions that can help you to say ‘goodbye’ to those unpleasant stains.

Removing dirt from the fabric needs complete elimination of foreign particles which needs many other ingredients apart from Labsa, Soda, Silicate and Minerals

Ultra clean-X is a correct blend of all additional ingredients suitable for the detergent to remove dirt and stains. It substantially increases the detergency power and makes the fabric stain free.

Features of ULTRA CLEAN – X (Dirt & Stain Remover)

  • ECO friendly & bio degradable
  • Dosage in one Batch is approx 0.2% (200gms in 100 KGs), i.e. Less Requirement
  • Stable in both highly Acidic 2 PH and strong basic Alkaline concentration 14 PH
  • Stable up to 150oC temperature
  • Stable in Sunlight
  • Non irritant to skin
  • Complete collar and cuff dirt remover
  • Enhances the life of Detergent Cakes & Powder
  • No side effects in Detergent Cakes or Powders


Addition of only 0.2% of ultra clean-x (200gms in 100 KGs batch) in detergents clearly increases the detergency by 30% to 40%

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