A Ready concentrate prepared and provided as a customized product according to hardness of water content..... Has an excellent foam & Enzymatic Wash without adding any additional cost.

A ready blend of 16 unique ingredients which supports to increase foam height and Stability by chelating hard water.

A ready Blend launched,
To Decrease the Cost of:

  • Production
  • Transportation
  • Inventory

To Increase :

  • Foam Height even in Hard Water (High TDS up to 2500)
  • Detergency Power
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Shelf Life of fabrics

And Also,

  • To keep Consistency of product
  • To Overcome Consumer Complaints
  • No screening - No Pulverizing required.
  • Soft for hands and fabrics
  • Green Revolution

We Offer:
  • Pre-tested materials
  • Low price with better results
  • The customized product as per your water hardness
  • Product Consistency
  • Customer Support
  • Live Demonstration of Manufacturing and Testing Procedures constantly at "No Cost"

- "We believe in supply chain by showing full commitment & clear transparency by listening & discussing needs and by handling all issues with gentle touch."