Detergent Powder Concentrate

Detergent Powder concentrates are formulated taking into these considerations

  • Long lasting foam
  • Tough stains removal
  • Cleaning with only small amount
  • Performance with hard water
  • Ultra-shining effects after wash
  • Mildness on hands and skin
  • Superior whiteness
  • Good for colored clothes
  • Affordable (price)
  • Usability in washing machine

Detergent Powder manufacturer faces tremendous problems like

  • Variations in standard quality of Raw materials specially in Labsa
  • Volatility in Prices of Raw materials
  • Heavy investments in different raw products
  • Consistency of Products not maintained
  • Focusing of production problems deviates less attention on Marketing
  • Testing of Finished products
  • Consumer complaints
  • MNC’s Dominating market share
  • Less Return On Investments