Liquid Blue

Blue zone is a unique product prepared with exact blend of Acid Violet 4bs, Patent Blue, Optical Whitening agent, Dispersing agent, Thickening agent, Colour concentration and Solubalising agent.

The concentrated Liquid Blue for Fabric Bluing, to which you can give your “OWN BRAND NAME”, eliminates the concern for raw material, quality, compatibility & stability.

It comforts manufacturing by easy dilution in demineralised water.


  • Effective whitening of clothes by ultra violet radiation
  • The offered dyes and pigments are free from contaminants
  • Thermally stable after dilution

Procedure - Few Minutes to get it ready!

Take 1 litre of BLUE ZONE CONCENTRATE (Liquid Blue) and add 14-20 litres of water.
Mix it thoroughly and Your Liquid Blue is ready.
Now, only Four Drops of ready product in bucket full of water shall whiten your clothes!

Advantages of Liquid Blue

  • The easiest way of preparation.
  • It spreads on clothes evenly without any patches.
  • Quality product at economical prices.
  • It saves Logistic Costs.