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Incepted in the year 1992, our company Blue Chem (India) is one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of Pigments, Dyes and Speciality Chemicals like concentrated Liquid Fabric Detergent, Concentrated Fabric Bluing, Concentrated Fabric Softener, Polymers and ultra cleaners for Detergents. This unit has unique state of art technology plant equipped with capacity of 2000 MT per annum. We have well equipped Quality Control Lab, technical Know-how in the field of detergents.

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Our Products


Ablui-SP7 a Ready concentrate prepared and provided as a customized product according to hardness of water content. It Has an excellent foam & Enzymatic Wash without adding any additional cost.

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Detergent Powder

Concentrate forms

Based on our vast experience and satisfaction, we have maintained consistency in many products. We have introduced many techniques for hassle-free manufacturing

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Polymers are created via polymerization of many small molecules, known as monomers. They produces unique physical properties. Polycot is an excellent bonding agent for Detergent cakes

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Liquid Detergent

Concentrate forms

Formulating a detergent is a bit of an art. Based on our experience and expertise our products are 100% Natural, Bio-Degradable and Neutral in PH.

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Detergent Cleaning

Enzymes (UCX)

Laundry detergent whether, granular solid, powdered or liquid, works well to eliminate unpleasant fabric problems. It is a very versatile and dependable product.

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Liquid Blue

Blue zone is a unique product prepared with exact blend of Acid Violet 4bs, Patent Blue, Optical Whitening agent, Dispersing agent, Thickening agent, Colour...

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Fabric Softner

Fabric softener is a great addition to your laundry regimen. It not only softens clothes to the touch, but also greatly reduces static cling in synthetic fibers.

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Pigment Paste

Our Pigment Products have an unique Sunfastness of heat stability upto 230oC stable both in Acid and Ackali.

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Features Of Detergent Powder


It maintains your OWN BRAND NAME with a standard quality for a longer time


Excellent foam resistance as per consumers choice


Giving wonderful whitening effect to your clothes

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